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OE8YMLRX.ADL805.AT / OpenWebRX+ (Part of

Nötsch, Austria | Loc: JN66to, ASL: 569 m








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Receiver for giving you the possibility to see if your signal is received in JN66to and of course, if you want to listen to the bands :)

Hardware: Raspberry PI4B / NOOELEC RTL2832U - Currently one rx [1] is an RTL Stick and [2] is an MSI2500 board and only a small antenna is attached :) Be aware that per device one band can be used by multiple users. Patience is the key.
Antenna: D130J
Band support will be adapted frequently.

Hey folks, let's share the fun of using OpenWebRX and ensure everyone has a good time!
Remember, let's not needlessly block or overload the platform – it could make it harder for other ham radio enthusiasts and SWLs to access it.
Let's all treat each other fairly so that we can enjoy this cool technology. Together, let's rock the world of radio and make it accessible for everyone!

vy 73 OE8YML Michi
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Author: Marat Fayzullin | OpenWebRX support and information: Mailinglist

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